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Are you looking for a game that requires speed and allows you to compete with your friend? Then you’re in the right place. Forget ping pong or those ball games. Round objects are boring and out of fashion. Let’s play with poops!

Note: Poops come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Compared with round-shaped balls, our game is much more fun. We have 24 different kinds of poops! 

The rule is simple. See which poop looks similar to the one in the bubble, then tap your finger at that poop. It will fly across to your friend’s side. When the time’s up, the side that has more poops will lose. Sounds fun? Let’s download the game. We guarantee it won’t smell bad!

-Play with friend (You can also play with the computer. So if you have bad breath, nobody will know.)
-Train your agility and concentration skills
-Attractive graphic. Never before that poops will be this cute!


poops_counter_2.apk 16 MB

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