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Your task is to solve the crossword puzzle! (This is not just a usual crossword game!)

This is a word guessing game. You have to compete with your friends (using the same device) or the computers to be the first who guess all the words correctly. This is not just a usual crossword game out there.You need to use logic and inference like a investigator in detective fictions, which is to wisely make the right word guess and make the most out of the hints in order to win the game. Let's make world know how good you are, Mr. crossword investigator!

-2 to 4 players. You can play with your friends or the computers.
-This game offers you the role of a crossword investigator, or better, it gives you a chance to prove that you're the best crossword investigator! (Only if your friends aren't better!)
-You can exercise your finger during the lunch break by directing a flying bird through a set of pipes or whacking a mole, but isn't it better to use that valuable time exercising your brain with Crossword Investigators? Why not test your I.Q. level with your boss so you can now know who should be the boss?


cwi_7.apk 15 MB

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